August Update

Here’s what has happened since our last update.

  • The main event of August was Hope Singers. The choir of 37, conducted by Lloyd Kauffman, toured to the northern, western, and eastern borders of Poland. There was exceptional openness and warmth from the audiences and many responded with invitations to come again in two years. We are grateful for this avenue of fellowship and mutual encouragement of believers in Poland.
  • A Christian Ukranian family with nine children plus a grandmother came to Poland to escape the draft of their sons. They are currently in a refugee camp on the western border and are looking for fellowship with us and are looking for a house near here. In the refugee camp, they are the only believers and most of the others are Muslims. They very much miss their church and Christian school in Ukraine.
  • Ria Wadel, who has taught English here for 4 years, returned to her family in Chambersburg, PA. Regina Yoder, who taught Lavern’s children for 2 years, returned to her family in Ireland.

In a few weeks, Gateway to English will open for a new school year. Fees charged for English lessons cover much of the cost of operating the English school, but some subsidy is required from donations. Contact us if you would like more information.

Financial support for the families working in Poland makes up a significant portion of the budget. If you wish to contribute to their support, simply earmark contributions accordingly. If you are led to pledge ongoing support, please contact Matthew Mast at or 814-789-4394.

Please join us in prayer about these needs. We are seeking the Lord’s direction, and we invite you to join us in prayer for His provision. These personnel fill crucial roles in the work of AIM, and it is our prayer that God will provide people to do His work.

Our prayer and praise requests are updated at

July Update

Here’s what has happened since our last update.

  • July was super intense with a record amount of comings, goings, and activities. Thank God things went well despite the hectic schedule.
  • On the first day of July Regina, Anita, and Jewel returned to Poland from their short trips home.
  • Several days later, the 10-member VBS team arrived to stay for two weeks. They were: Nate and Maria Waldron, Shannon Lehman, Atlee Graybill, Kendall and Amanda Glenn, Victoria Zehr, Priscilla Beiler, Martha Petrusevich, and Renae Mast. They were the main teachers, and worked beside local people who registered, translated, and facilitated each activity.
  • In the first week, there were 100 children who came. The second week was held in a village school where 23-30 children enrolled. This was the first time the AIM team attempted anything on this scale, and it was a very positive time. We keenly felt God’s blessing and protection in many details.
  • Martha and Renae were here as WATER girls, sent by Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute. They were here just over 3 weeks and were a welcome help to church women and preparations for Hope Singers.
  • Lloyd and Mary Kauffman arrived several days ahead of Hope Singers, and spent an evening with the team.

As we enter the new fiscal year (starting July 1), we are deeply grateful for the provision God has made through His people in the past year. The budget for the coming year projects a need of over $11,000 in contributions per month to support two families and four volunteers, operate the English school, and to translate and distribute the Seed of Truth in Polish. We are grateful for your ongoing support.

Financial support for the families working in Poland makes up a significant portion of the budget. If you wish to contribute to their support, simply earmark contributions accordingly. If you are led to pledge ongoing support, please contact Matthew Mast at or 814-789-4394.

Our prayer and praise requests are updated at

June Update

Here’s what has happened since our last update.

  • Melvin and Sheila Lehman, AIM board member, visited for a week. They spent time with the team and old acquaintances. Laverns went with them to Gdansk for two days. Unfortunately, Lavern’s faithful van was stolen there, and hasn’t been recovered.
  • Laverns hosted the end of the year barbecue for the English school. About 20 students and their families joined us for food and games. It was a beautiful evening of socializing outside the context of the classroom. Many students are already talking about coming back next year for lessons!
  • Marlin Hostetter from PA has arrived to be one of the new teachers. He’s living in the summer cabin where John Smuckers used to live, and is taking daily Polish lessons. He also spends time at school in English classes, getting oriented in teaching. We are so grateful for him coming!
  • Jewel went to the US for 3 weeks over the time of her sister’s wedding. Anita went to be with her family in Ireland for 10 days.
  • Two Amish young men came to help with the remodeling in Lavern’s house. They are living with Marlin in the cabin and plan to stay as long as it takes to do the job.

As mentioned above, Lavern & Lolita’s van was recently stolen. If you would like to contribute toward a replacement, please contact Matthew Mast at or 814-789-4394 for more information.

In addition, there is still a need for additional funds for the remodeling project on Lavern & Lolita’s house. For more information or to make a contribution, visit their gofundme project.

We are still seeking additional financial support for Jonathan & Heather. To date, we have received pledges or donations for $23,000 of the $33,500 needed for the first year of Jonathan & Heather’s time in Poland. To discuss the possibility of pledging ongoing support, please contact Matthew Mast at or 814-789-4394.

Our prayer and praise requests are updated at

May Update

Here’s what has happened since our last update. Read More

Spring 2014 Newsletter

Our Spring 2014 newsletter is available to be read online. In this issue Lolita Hershberger reflects on life in Poland before and after communism. Read More

April Update

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February Update

This month’s happenings included the following:

  • Jewel was super happy to host her siblings, Matt, Marcus, Melody, and Nate for ten days. Since Matt had lived here for three years, it was a good chance to reconnect with local friends and visit old haunts.
  • Anita flew to Arkansas to teach at Calvary Bible School for six weeks. Jewel Yoder from Kansas is coming to be her substitute and experience this kind of service for the month of March.
  • The school was closed for a two-week winter break. This is a chance for many students and their families to go skiing in other parts of Europe. The teachers always welcome this breather. Regina, Ria, and Jewel took advantage of cheap plane tickets to Rome and spent a week being tourists there. They also spent two days near Krakow visiting Graceland Ministries, which operates an English school as a means of being a Christian witness. Their experience and input is refreshing and encouraging to us.

Several young men are considering the possibility of serving in Poland beginning this fall. Pray that God will direct their decisions and give them peace.

January Update

The happenings this month include the following:

  1. Some of the girls organized a New Year’s Eve party at the school for any friends who wanted to celebrate with games and fun. It was a great alternative to the wild drinking parties that the majority of Polish people have that night. Afterwards, everyone was blown away with the amazing fireworks that were all over the town.
  2. Anita and Regina spent 2 weeks in Ireland with their family, and came back on New Years Day.
  3. Lolita and Hadassah flew to Brisbane, Australia for 10 days, having been given plane tickets to attend Carolyn Kauffman’s wedding. It was a grueling journey that took 30 hours. On arrival, they reveled in the sunshine and high temperatures when they finally got there. They very much enjoyed their time in Aussie-land and its completely different animals, plants, and culture. Carolyn taught here last year, and some of us stayed up during the night to watch the wedding via live-streaming.
  4. Our adult class of high beginners has been learning about food and dialogues related to restaurants. Since they didn’t know what pancakes or apple pie are, we decided to give them a chance to demonstrate their English and experience some American food. Instead of having a formal lesson, we set up a cafe and they chose drinks, appetizers, pancakes, and apple pie from a menu. It was a great success and everyone—teachers and students—had a ton of fun!

As we continue to prepare for Jonathan & Heather Miller and their family to move to Poland, we are seeking for partners who will commit to regular, monthly financial support on their behalf. Pledges of support will enable the board to plan more effectively. The average monthly cost for a second family is at least $2,500. If the Lord leads you to partner with AIM in this way, please communicate your pledge to the board by email at or phone at 814-789-4394.

On average over the past six months our expenses have exceeded income by $1,000 per month. This means that funds previously held in reserve have all been used. We are trusting the Lord to provide the needed funds for general operations.