Ukraine Refugee Report Ministry Update for 2022

school boys accepting donated computers to help with their studies

When Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 we saw changes and new challenges. Here is a visual guide of the last year. 

At first the main train stations in Warsaw were flooded with people. It was an otherworldly feeling. Some of us, especially Lavern and Annaliese, helped where they could to direct refugees to help centers, provide food, and locate housing.

In April Lavern arranged a minibus to assist some ladies and children to move to Italy. The second picture is of the Boiko family on their way to Canada in October. They were having difficulties relocating to Canada and we were in a position to help them out.

In the early phases we supported the church in Chelm, near the Poland-Ukraine border, that sends aid to Ukraine. We sent them a few sizable donations and from time to time delivered supplies to them.

Care for the refugees in and around Mińsk Mazowiecki, especially for the approximately 25 people we provide housing for, is an important part of what we do currently. It can take many shapes.

The first two photos show an evening in which Maksim shared the Gospel and we presented some school boys with computers to help them with their studies. Maksim Dyomkin is a Ukrainian believer ministering to refugees in Poland and to those in need in Ukraine, especially the elderly. His powerful testimony of salvation and his sharing of the gospel wherever he goes have encouraged us. We can see the strength of partnering with people like Maksim as he is uniquely able to minister to his fellow Ukrainians, while we can support him financially and logistically. We have been able to support his ministry by purchasing warm clothing, blankets, portable gas ovens, gas heaters and a generator to take back to Ukraine. We have also supported his ministry of supplying firewood for those without heat.

The second picture is of Mark fishing with some of the boys from the children’s home near Mińsk. Since we assisted International Host Connection to resettle this group of orphans last March, we have continued to have contact with them and do some activities with them. The last picture is of the hotel and conference center near Minsk that has been hosting a large group of Ukrainians. The boys with the computers (pictured above) are living there and we have been able to support the refugees from there in other ways. We are amazed at the generosity of our neighbors.

Thank you so much for your support. We have not once had to worry about a lack of funds. This report does not even reflect all the activity because some of you, in the first few months, gave directly to Lavern’s personal account. God bless you for caring for the people in need here in Poland and Ukraine!

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