July Update

Here’s what has happened since our last update.

  • July was super intense with a record amount of comings, goings, and activities. Thank God things went well despite the hectic schedule.
  • On the first day of July Regina, Anita, and Jewel returned to Poland from their short trips home.
  • Several days later, the 10-member VBS team arrived to stay for two weeks. They were: Nate and Maria Waldron, Shannon Lehman, Atlee Graybill, Kendall and Amanda Glenn, Victoria Zehr, Priscilla Beiler, Martha Petrusevich, and Renae Mast. They were the main teachers, and worked beside local people who registered, translated, and facilitated each activity.
  • In the first week, there were 100 children who came. The second week was held in a village school where 23-30 children enrolled. This was the first time the AIM team attempted anything on this scale, and it was a very positive time. We keenly felt God’s blessing and protection in many details.
  • Martha and Renae were here as WATER girls, sent by Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute. They were here just over 3 weeks and were a welcome help to church women and preparations for Hope Singers.
  • Lloyd and Mary Kauffman arrived several days ahead of Hope Singers, and spent an evening with the team.

As we enter the new fiscal year (starting July 1), we are deeply grateful for the provision God has made through His people in the past year. The budget for the coming year projects a need of over $11,000 in contributions per month to support two families and four volunteers, operate the English school, and to translate and distribute the Seed of Truth in Polish. We are grateful for your ongoing support.

Financial support for the families working in Poland makes up a significant portion of the budget. If you wish to contribute to their support, simply earmark contributions accordingly. If you are led to pledge ongoing support, please contact Matthew Mast at homeoffice@aimpoland.org or 814-789-4394.

Our prayer and praise requests are updated at www.aimpoland.org/pray/.

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