October Update

Here’s what happened since our last update:

  • School has a record attendance of 123 students. This keeps all the teachers busy with both groups and individual students. We planned a special evening for all the students and their families. We had a workshop to demonstrate and make sushi, and another to demonstrate artful doodling and decorate a long school banner. It was a great success, judging by all the smiles and how long people stayed to socialize!
  • The youth in the church wanted to start holding activities together, so Sarah Sommers started a choir with them. They enjoy this very much and are planning something special for Christmas.
  • The team packed and sent out 4,000 copies each of November and December Seed of Truth. We do this every other month and are glad to provide worthwhile reading material for believers all over Poland.
  • November 1 is a church holiday where Polish people visit the graves of their departed family members and friends. They clean the graves, decorate them with flowers, and light candles and pray. These days we can see people carry armloads of flowers from the market to the cemetery. Many people tell us it’s a sad time for them, focusing on death.

We are seeking a single woman to join the volunteer teaching staff at Gateway to English, starting in September 2015. To volunteer or to recommend someone for this position, please contact Shannon Lehman at 814-789-2812 or sklmail124@gmail.com.

Our prayer and praise requests are updated at www.aimpoland.org/pray/.

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