Information about Poland

JobMonkey has some basic information about the educational climate and demand for English teaching in Poland.
In Your Pocket is a frank and informative guide to Poland.
The Poland article at Wikipedia is quite informative.
The Minsk Mazowiecki article at Wikipedia gives the history and development of the city where AIM is currently based in Poland. – Poland promotional website
Poland at the CIA World Factbook
Just for Catholics is a website that examines and explains various Catholic beliefs in the light of Scripture. Poland is over 90% Catholic. Parts of this website are in Polish.

Learning Polish

There are many resources available for learning Polish. It seems like no one has been able to improve on good old-fashioned study and practice! There simply is no magic bullet for learning a language, and as an inflected language, Polish is fairly difficult for English speakers. A good course is Polish in 4 Weeks (click here or here to buy it online) This doesn’t mean you’ll be speaking like a native in four weeks, but this does seem to be a good course.

Before You Know It (BYKI) is a different kind of language-learning software. It is smart and personalized. It is curiously addictive, perhaps because it is so effective at teaching people words and phrases with Perfect Recall. Click here to go to the BYKI website and download the free software for Polish or 62 other languages.
Polish language page Pittsburgh University

Polish learning materials/dictionaries

Audio clips of Polish alphabet pronunciation

TESOL certification

Similarly, there’s a wide variety of TESOL courses available—online, classroom, or a combination of both. A good course is i-to-i TEFL.

Seed of Truth

Seed of Truth is distributed by AIM in Polish. The Seed of Truth (Polish) website is

Agape Mennonite Fellowship

Agape Mennonite Fellowship was founded in 2006 in Minsk Mazowiecki. Lavern Hershberger is the pastor. The congregation’s website is here.

Hope Singers

The Hope Singers is a ministry of Anabaptist International Ministries, operating in Poland. Every two years, the mission hosts a choir for approximately three weeks, singing in various parts of the country and expanding the reach and influence of the mission. The Hope Singers website is