January Update

Here’s what happened in January 2015:

  • The month has had more downtime than is normal. The government decides when each region will have its two-week winter break so that the whole country is not out filling the ski slopes at one time. Our region’s designated break this year is the last two weeks of January.
  • We spent our free time with local friends, and the English teachers flew to Ireland, Anita’s home, for a long weekend. Cheap Ryanair tickets makes this possible, and we are grateful! One of the many refreshing parts of the trip was that we could talk with whomever we wanted to without a language barrier.
  • The team also had time to host guests. Lolita and Heather’s parents came for a two-week visit, and Dervin had two friends come for a week.
  • Jonathan enjoyed a three-week intensive language course in Warsaw. Three hours a day gives lots of opportunity to improve and gain confidence.

Financial and Personnel Needs

We need a single woman to join the volunteer teaching staff at Gateway to English, starting in September 2015. To volunteer or to recommend someone for this position, please contact Shannon Lehman at 814-789-2812.

Over the last seven months our expenses have consistently exceeded income. Funds reserved earlier have covered these needs, and we are grateful.

To make a donation using PayPal, please visit our contact page.

Our prayer and praise requests are updated at www.aimpoland.org/pray/.

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