AIM Board Members

Shannon Lehman: Chairman

Shannon Lehman lives in Guys Mills, Pa with his wife, JoElla, and four children.  From childhood, he was fascinated by European history and culture and so a vision for an Anabaptist church in the Eastern Bloc took root in his natural interests and desire to honor his King.  He believes that intentional local leadership development determines our futures.  Dark corners of oppression and injustice ignite his compassion and his family exists to bring the light of Christ to these places.  He is self-employed, specializing in tile and window installs.  Long distance running is, for him, both a hobby and a way “to slow the world down.”

Quentin Miller

Quentin Miller lives in Montezuma, GA and attends Word of Life Christian Fellowship. He is married to Vinny Miller and they have one daughter. Quentin works as a salesperson at Overholt Enterprises in Montezuma, GA. The church they attend is currently the home church to one of the families (Lavern and Lolita Hershberger) who serve in Poland.

Dervin Martin

Dervin Martin: Secretary

Dervin Martin is from Ephrata, located in Lancaster County, PA, and attends Cocalico Christian Brotherhood.  Dervin serves as the administrator and principal at Shalom Mennonite School, a private elementary and middle school.  He has a passion for education and teaching, and in 2014-2016, Dervin served as an ESL teacher under AIM in Poland.  During this time, Dervin grew to love the Polish culture and people.  He is excited to see others create connections and relationships with people, particularly the students that attend GTE, and hopes that those connections lead people to Jesus.

Erikson Lehman: Treasurer

Erikson Lehman, along with his wife and three children, live in Guys Mills, PA. Erikson does construction, is involved in Search and Rescue, and serves his community as an EMT. As a family, they enjoy spending time in nature. Erikson and his wife are members at Meadville Mennonite Chapel. While having never lived in Poland, Erikson’s interest in Poland has stemmed from family members having spent time there.

Lloyd Kauffman

Lloyd Kauffman is from West Jefferson, OH and Sarasota, FL (his former home). He has been married to Mary Slabaugh (Hartville, OH) for well over 50 years, and is a member of the Palm Grove Mennonite Church.  He holds a BA and MA in Music Education with a choral focus, and taught at middle school, Bible institute and university levels in Florida, Ohio, and Kenya. He regularly led choirs and choral tours during his teaching years, as well as periodic choral, history and mission study tours in Europe (especially Germany). Interest in Eastern Europe led to periodic travel there both during and since the restricted Cold War era, and increased with learning more of the major 400-plus-year history of Mennonites in Poland, and their later emigration to (and out of) Russia. Poland and the AIM ministry became especially important to Lloyd and Mary while directing the Hope Singers from its beginning (2004) to 2018.

Lloyd is self-employed as a choral arranger and composer (, a choral / vocal resource person, painter, handyman and commercial driver. He enjoys mechanical tinkering, private aviation, motorcycling, and is trying to find a clear working definition for that elusive word “retirement.”

Samuel Sommers

Samuel Sommers lives in Franklin, PA, with his wife Suzanne and their two youngest daughters, Veronica and Emily. They attend Shalom Mennonite Church in Cochranton. Samuel’s occupation is a truck driver. Samuel and Suzanne also have a son, Marlin, who lives in TN with his family, and two oldest daughters, Rosanne and Miriam, who live in Baltimore, MD.  Samuel enjoys reading, walking, and learning to know people in Franklin.  Samuel wants to see God’s Kingdom of peace and love come in the United States, Poland, and around the world.

Josh Nisley

Josh Nisley is from Meadville, PA and a member of Meadville Mennonite Chapel. He currently teaches composition and academic writing at Faith Builders Educational Programs, among other responsibilities. Before pursuing a career in higher education, he worked for Christian Aid Ministries in Jerusalem, where he helped manage humanitarian projects in Israel and Palestine. Although he is enjoying putting down some roots in his hometown of Meadville, he is glad to stay connected to international ministry by serving on the board of AIM.

Josh has been married to Jean (Coblentz) Nisley since 2011, a year after they graduated from Faith Builders together. They enjoy traveling and experiencing the world together, but more recently have been focused on making a home for their three young children, Harper Wynn (2016), Alastair George (2017), and Caedmon John (2020)—an adventure all of its own.