December Update

Here’s what happened in December 2014:

  • The church children and youth worked hard to practice and give a Christmas concert, led by Sarah and Jewel. On the night of the concert, the church room was overflowing with visitors. It was a beautiful, blessed evening. Some of our guests told us it was the first real message of Christmas that they experienced.
  • Polish people are very traditional in the way they celebrate Christmas. There is always the same kinds of food – 12 courses, traditionally – on Christmas Eve, and we love experiencing wonderful Polish hospitality and food.
  • Since we’re far from family, it feels important that we adopt new family members and form new traditions here. We as a team had a very special, happy, sociable Christmas celebration and vacation. Probably the best moments came when the snow starting falling heavily in the evening! The English teachers are glad to have time to catch their breath for 2 weeks and rest from the intensity of classes.
  • Jonathan and Lavern spent many hours looking for a new car for the teachers, since the old Polo has been dying for months. An Opel Zafira was purchased with the generous donation from Hope Singers members.

Financial and Personnel Needs

We are seeking a single woman to join the volunteer teaching staff at Gateway to English, starting in September 2015. To volunteer or to recommend someone for this position, please contact Shannon Lehman at 814-789-2812.

Each month on average we need over $11,000 in contributions to support two families and five volunteers, operate the English school, and translate and distribute the Seed of Truth in Polish. Donations can be earmarked to staff support, Gateway to English, or Seed of Truth. If you wish to pledge ongoing support, please contact Matthew Mast at or 814-789-4394.

To make a donation using PayPal, please visit our contact page.

Our prayer and praise requests are updated at

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