September Update

Here’s what happened since our last update:

  • We are encouraged to see young people with soft hearts. Viktoria is 18 and “happened” to find our church and enjoys coming. She also joined an English class in our school.
  • Jonathan had a most unpleasant morning when his van tire was slashed. While he was changing it, his backpack was stolen from the back seat. In it was a new Macbook Air, camera, keys, passport, and considerable cash, since he’d just come from the bank. This is a fairly average small town, so it’s rather disconcerting to all of us to be so close to organized crime like this.
  • We generally feel safe as we walk back and forth from school and home. The streets are fairly well lit after dark. The greatest threat is probably the drunks that we see at all hours outside our apartment block.
  • Jura, 16, and Ola, 18, were baptized recently. Their testimony of searching for God’s will and wanting to be obedient to Him is beautiful to us, and it’s encouraging to see that God’s Spirit is still actively changing hearts.
  • A Ukrainian family with 9 children and a grandmother has been coming about every other Sunday. They are currently being housed in a refugee camp near the Ukrainian border while they apply for legal residence in Poland. They are part of an Amish Mennonite church in Ukraine and wanted to leave before their sons were drafted into the army.
  • Dervin Martin and Sarah Sommers arrived to join the team of teachers who already here—Marlin Hostetter, Jewel Gingerich, and Anita Yoder. The ladies moved to the apartment across from the market, vacating the “book apartment,” which is where the men live now.
  • School started at Gateway to English, as well as school for Lavern and Jonathan’s families, which Sarah is teaching. The English school has a busy schedule of groups and individual lessons, and each week is settling into a more predictable routine. We are quickly coming to enjoy our students and the life they bring to the classroom.

Fees charged for English lessons cover much of the cost of operating the English school (Gateway to English), but some subsidy is required from donations. Contact us if you would like more information.

Financial support for the families working in Poland makes up a significant portion of the budget. To contribute to their support, simply earmark contributions accordingly. If you wish to pledge ongoing support, please contact Matthew Mast at or 814-789-4394.

Our prayer and praise requests are updated at

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