May Update

Here’s what has happened since our last update.

Spring 2014 Newsletter

Our Spring 2014 newsletter is available to be read online. In this issue Lolita Hershberger reflects on life in Poland before and after communism.

April Update

Here’s what happened since our last update.

February Update

This month’s happenings included the following: Jewel was super happy to host her siblings, Matt, Marcus, Melody, and Nate for ten days. Since Matt had lived here for three years, it was a good chance to…

January Update

The happenings this month include the following: Some of the girls organized a New Year’s Eve party at the school for any friends who wanted to celebrate with games and fun. It was a great alternative…

Winter 2014 Newsletter

winter 2014 newsletter cover

Our Winter 2014 newsletter is available to be read online. In this issue contributing author Szymon Matusiak discusses the audience and value of the Seed of Truth magazine.

Volunteers needed for VBS in July

Three men and three ladies are needed to help with Vacation Bible School in Poland in July. Be part of a team that brings the message of the gospel to Polish children. Through songs, games, Bible…

December Update

In the English school, we have been amazed at the continued motivation of students. Last week several new prospective students came to the office to ask for lessons. Coming up to the Christmas season, the church…

November Update

November Happenings The four teachers – Ria, Jewel, Regina and Anita, spent the first weekend of November in a small town two hours away. They came back feeling refreshed and relaxed. School is going well, both…

October Update

beside candles lit at cemetery

In October we had several special visitors who came for church services. Kalina was a former English student of Alison’s from several years ago, another was Leszyk, one of Lavern’s current students. Another was a local…