December Update

Sharon had her first guests from home. Her sister Mary and her husband Jethro visited during Christmas break.

Matt King agreed to extend his term of service through summer of 2018. We are thrilled that he will be with the team for 2017-2018.

We organized our first Gateway to English Christmas Banquet at Shannon & JoElla’s house.

Seed of Truth magazine is now upgraded to full color version. The size increased as well, which means that we are dealing with an increase in shipping cost. About 4,000 issues are distributed each month. Half of those go directly to homes and the rest are distributed through churches.

Melvin and Shelia Lehman arrived on December 31st for a ten day visit. Their purposes are to represent board connections and support for Shannon and Lavern, and to encourage and advise concerning the process of establishing a leadership team at Agape Mennonite Fellowship.

AIM Presentation

If you are interested in having someone give a presentation to your church about AIM, please contact Matthew Mast.

Financial and Personnel Needs

From July 1 through November 30, 2016, expenses have exceeded income by $6,820. Funds on hand at the beginning of July have covered this shortfall, but we do not want to continue that trend. We are asking the Lord for provision of the needed funds and seeking His direction about our role in raising funds.

To make a donation using PayPal, please visit our contact page.

Our prayer and praise requests are updated at

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