Fall 2015 Newsletter

Relationship-building in ministry requires good communication and, as Anita Yoder shares, words are not the only way to communicate. This edition of the AIM newsletter includes her reflections on communicating in Poland and a report on our English Day Camp in Minsk Mazowiecki.

September Update

The school year begins, Lavern’s and Jewel return to Poland, and we prepare for a GTE tour of the United States. Here’s what happened in September 2015.

August Update

We enjoy some visitors but some disappear before we get to know them well. While Poles enjoy a long summer vacation, we prepare for the school year. Here’s what happened in August 2015.

July Update

We report on our English Day Camp, Laverns and Jewel leave on furlough, and we welcome two Syrian refugee families. Here’s what happened in July 2015.

June Update

Dervin and Jewel visit the US, the school hosts an end-of-year party, and we say goodbye to two volunteers at the end of their terms of service.

Summer 2015 Newsletter

Church planting is at the heart of AIM’s mission. This edition of the AIM newsletter explores a few facets of church life and impact.

May Update

The children present an end-of-year concert, the Poland team receives visitors, and Lavern and Lolita welcome Charis Hope. Read about what happened in May 2015.

March Update

Jonathan goes to REACH, Dervin and Sarah sing in Romania, and Polish people prepare for Easter. Read what happened in Poland in March 2015.

Spring 2015 Newsletter

Our Spring 2015 newsletter is available to read online. In this issue the staff members who joined the AIM team in 2014 reflect on coming to Poland to join the work here. AIM Spring 2015 Newsletter

February Update

Here’s what happened in February 2015: