May Partners Update

GTE volunteers provided child care during the conference

May Happenings Church Conference Phil Beiler and his wife Linda returned for the second consecutive year to be our guest speaker. It was very nice because he is well received by the Polish people and it…

Spring 2017 Newsletter

AIM Newsletter Spring 2017 cover image

GTE Director Shannon Lehman writes about using resources for maximum impact, and Lavern Hershberger describes the challenges of living in a largely homogeneous Roman Catholic society in Poland in the AIM Spring 2017 newsletter.

April Partners Update

Daniel's family with Wendy and Lyndon

We see a moose, Shannon teaches at a new language school, and we introduce you to Daniel and his family. Read about what happened at AIM in Poland in April.

March Update

English Night kicks off for the year, Magda returns to teach us Polish, Lavern and Lolita travel to the States, and we meet a few parrots. Read about what happened in March at AIM in Poland.

February Partners Update

We host winter Bible school, the GTE staff go to Krakow, and we scrub the school during school holidays. Read about what happened in February.

January Partners Update

Sharon welcomes her sister for a visit, Melvin and Shelia Lehman join us for a while over New Year, and Olga moves to France to work with refugees. Read about what happened in January 2017.

Winter 2016 Newsletter

Catch a glimpse of Christmas in Poland with thoughts on local traditions plus year-end reflections from the new GTE director, Shannon Lehman. Also enjoy a closer look at GTE through student and teacher introductions and reports.

December Update

Sharon had her first guests from home. Her sister Mary and her husband Jethro visited during Christmas break.

Fall 2016 Newsletter

What is AIM? What is its long-term goal? In the editorial of this edition, Matthew Mast answers these questions and provides an overview of the work ahead.

July Update

July started with a bang with a week of Day Camp, which was held in the Baptist church.