November 2015 Update

Here’s what happened in November 2015:

  • The horrific terrorist attacks in Paris have set off a number of reactions here. Some people are afraid of what will happen in Poland, though there’s no definite threat at this point. There is a lot of anti-Muslim sentiment, and on the other hand, calls for tolerance. Many Muslims in our city of Minsk Mazowiecki are in the kebab restaurants. In Warsaw there are more, but not a large number. The newly elected right-wing government is trying its best to get out of the European Union requirement to accept 10,000 refugees.
  • People from our church and the Baptist church in Minsk were involved in a special event on November 15, the International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Christians. Artwork and crafts were sold to raise funds for persecuted Christians. A Jordanian Christian shared his testimony of conversion and surviving attempts on his life by his immediate family members. All in all it was an encouraging day of standing together for persecuted Christians.
  • Gateway to English is off to a strong start! We have a new logo, new signs on the building and fence, and a new and improved payment system! The students, teachers, and office staff love our new billing plan. It means less headaches for everyone and more money for the school. By they way, if you haven’t seen the video about GTE, check it out below.
  • For the first time ever, all the families in the church are homeschooling. This past Thursday (American Thanksgiving Day) all four homeschooling families were together for a day. The Polish students shared their knowledge of Polish history through reenactments and the Americans had English lessons. It was a busy and memorable day.
  • November is free admission month at many museums and palaces in Warsaw, so some of us have been taking advantage of this to learn more about Poland’s fascinating history and tour the resplendent royal palaces.

Financial and Material Needs

We need three volunteer teachers to provide instruction in conversational English at Gateway to English, starting in August/September 2016. We are looking for two men and one woman to commit to two-year terms. Teaching experience is preferred but not absolutely required. To volunteer or to recommend someone for this position, please contact Shannon Lehman at 814-789-2812 or

God has provided for the more urgent needs we felt a month ago. The ongoing needs are on average nearly $13,000 per month.

Donors may indicate preferences for where their gifts are used (such as staff support, Gateway to English, or Seed of Truth) and AIM will honor preferences where possible. AIM reserves the right to assign all contributions where needed.

If you would like additional information about how funds are used or if you wish to pledge ongoing support, please contact Matthew Mast at or call 814-789-4394.

To make a donation using PayPal, please visit our contact page.

Our prayer and praise requests are updated at

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