March Update

Here’s what happened in March 2015:

  • Jonathan was gone for a week to attend the REACH missions conference in Lancaster, PA. It was a good time of being inspired and connecting with many people, as well giving a face and voice to what is happening in Poland.
  • Dervin and Sarah flew to Romania to join a choir from Ohio and have a 10 day tour. They sang every day and encountered many interesting, unique aspects of Romanian history and food, plus made new friends!
  • Polish people are deep-cleaning and redecorating their houses in preparation for Easter. We see them carrying tall, colorful straw arrangements that they take to church on Palm Sunday. There are so many deep-seated religious traditions in this country but so few people know what it means to know Jesus’ hope and peace.
  • Leroy and Ania Schwartz and their two-year-old twin girls, Sarah and Naomi, moved into an apartment in town. They are pursuing ministry to refugees, and had been living near the eastern border of Poland. However, our area, being closer to the capitol, has more resources and support for refugees, which they hope to be able to partner with.

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