June Update

Here’s what happened in June 2015:

  • Dervin and Jewel each went to the US to attend a wedding and a funeral.
  • The school hosted a year-end party in the parking lot. There were lots of activities, awards, and food. A big hit with the children was the sidewalk chalk and the face painting. We gave certificates of achievement in English to all the students, which seemed to make them very happy.
  • Lolita and Heather’s mother, Esther, spent three weeks here to help after the birth of Lavern and Lolita’s baby, Charis Hope.
  • Sarah and Anita finished their time in Poland in a flurry and flew away to start the next chapter in their lives.

Financial and Material Needs

July brings a significant travel expenses for furlough for Lavern & Lolita’s family. These expenses are not part of the ordinary monthly expenses, but we are grateful for funds in savings to pay for furlough travel and other expenses.

With the ending of English lessons for the summer, income in Poland stops but many expenses continue. This makes July – September the months when AIM typically feels a pinch in cash flow. We are grateful for funds in hand at the beginning of this time and trust the Lord to provide what will be needed throughout the summer.

Donors may indicate preferences for where their gifts are used (such as staff support, Gateway to English, or Seed of Truth) and AIM will honor preferences where possible. AIM reserves the right to assign all contributions where needed.

If you would like additional information about how funds are used or if you wish to pledge ongoing support, please contact Matthew Mast at homeoffice@aimpoland.org or 814-789-4394.

To make a donation using PayPal, please visit our contact page.

Our prayer and praise requests are updated at www.aimpoland.org/pray/.

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