August Partners Update

August Happenings

Staff Updates

Matt and Deborah Gingerich (Guys Mills, PA) have agreed to serve in Poland for the 2017-2018 school year. Matt will take on the role that Shannon filled, providing leadership for the school and oversight for the finances of AIM. Matt’s three years of service as a volunteer teacher (2009-2012) give him valuable preparation for this work. Matt and Deborah plan to arrive in Poland on September 26.

From the Lehmans

Life is full of transitions and change. In fact, life on earth IS a transition. We feel deeply grateful for the support and flexibility of the team in Poland and the AIM board for their recognition of the significance of the call to come back to the States to provide a home and care for Jahna. It’s been nine years since she’s been in our home. We are all happy to be reunited but the energy and focus it takes to stay engaged and hopeful is beyond our capacity. We praise God for power and for His might which is helping us to take back the ground that’s been lost in those years. We are astounded that so many brothers and sisters have entered this story for Jahna’s sake and are stepping up without complaint, to open eyes that are blind, to free captives from prison and to release from the dungeon those who sit in darkness. Victory is ours. Hallelujah!

More details on the story will be coming in the next newsletter. Shannon’s are living in Chambersburg, Pa for the time being as they make their way forward through fostering and required visits with Jahna’s mother. Shannon will be travelling to Poland the last week of September to help prepare Matthew Gingerich to take over administrative responsibilities there.

An update from the staff at GTE

We are so proud of them for stepping up when Shannon’s had to leave so suddenly.
We’ve been really glad that all of us teachers have at least a year of experience. Registration and the first week of school were much easier because we all knew what to expect this year. Beginning a year with a completely new schedule and lots of new students can be a challenge, but it’s also fun to see many of the same students back again. We currently have a little over 100 students enrolled, but we’ve had quite a few new students show up to register during our first week of classes. It will take a few weeks for everyone to settle in as kids’ school schedules change and we try to make sure that everyone is in a suitable class for their level.

The month of August was spent building deeper relationships with students and church families. We also took a bike trip into the eastern forests of Poland. Then it was time to prepare for the new school year! Praise God for the new students and for those who have been coming for many years like Pani Halina. She’s over seventy years old and still rarely cancels a class. Here she is having pizza with Sharon and Wendy just because they’re friends!

Financial and Personnel Needs

Airfare for Matt and Deborah: $1,130

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