August Happenings

  • John and Laura Smucker, along with their two daughters Allison and Amanda, visited Poland to work through some legal tangles that came along with the sale of their house. They had a special time connecting with many of their friends here.
  • Jan and Asia Apanesewicz and eight children moved to Minsk to buy John’s house. We are so grateful for the way God opened the doors for them to move here and be a part of our community.
  • On August 15, all of Poland, except Catholic cathedrals, closed down to celebrate the supposed assumption of Mary.
  • Mirek Salwowski, his sister Marzena, and friend Ewa spent a weekend here. We had many interesting discussions with them, and found out that Ewa was secretly baptized six years ago, but is still a part of the Catholic Church. She also said she does not need Mary’s help to come to the Father. These are very interesting viewpoints for a practicing Catholic.
  • Anita returned from her six week visit to Ireland refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to dive in to another year of English teaching at Gateway to English. Regina also returned from her two and a half months in Ireland. She will be teaching the Hershberger children along with doing some English teaching.
  • Zuza, a young Polish member of our church, spent six weeks working at the mission in Ireland.
  • Peter, Jola, and three children returned to Poland after six months in the states. Zosia’s skin disease is not completely cleared up, but is much better.
  • Jewel Gingerich joined our team for a two year term of English teaching.

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