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September Happenings

GTE Update and Students

September in Mińsk Mazowiecki means students returning to school, cooler weather, and leaves beginning to change colors. Gateway To English began English lessons on September 10 with a strong number of students. Currently, we have around forty children, thirty adults, and twenty teenagers attending in groups and around 80 students of all ages coming individually or in two-person groups. We are grateful for a lively start to the school year; we have a full school and a busy schedule that brings lots of color and activity to our lives.

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Hadassah Hershberger describes a new teaching experience she began in September: “Recently I began teaching daily in 3 preschools and a daycare in Minsk. It’s been a challenging and satisfying experience so far. I teach three different age groups: 4- to 5-year olds, 3-year olds, and toddlers who sometimes have to spit out pacifiers before identifying blocks as red, yellow, or blue. I love the energy and excitement preschoolers have when learning completely new words and concepts. It’s taking much planning and creativity to keep them entertained and focused for 30-minute sessions but it’s fun to come back the next day and see them knowing songs and words from the previous lesson. Teaching English to tiny humans definitely takes more energy and planning than adults or teens but I’m excited about spending this year with them and hopefully showing them love and care. The most difficult children I have usually come from dysfunctional homes and I pray I’ll be able to reach out and, at least in small ways, bring a sense of love and security through our times together.”

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Financial Needs

The expenses of language lessons for new volunteers and team members, along with the other expenses of the summer, leave us with basically no funds on hand at the end of September. We need nearly $4,000 to pay our bills due by October 10.

The Board is working with Jaden and Jewel to raise $30,000 for their financial support this year. If you would like to contribute to that need, please contact us at

Give to AIM

Donors may indicate preferences for where their gifts are used (such as staff support, Gateway to English, or Seed of Truth) and AIM will honor preferences where possible. AIM reserves the right to assign all contributions where needed. If you would like additional information about how funds are used or if you wish to pledge ongoing support, please contact Matthew Mast at or 814-789-4394.

To make a donation using credit or debit card, please visit our contact page.

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