October Partners Update

Small talk at Gateway to English

Gateway to English Small Talk

We held our first Small Talk of the year in October. Here are some thoughts from the teachers.

Small Talk was a great way to connect with our students through crafts, food and games! I really enjoyed having the opportunity to talk and interact with students, of all age ranges, outside of the classroom setting. -Charity

Small Talk is about community and connection. I really enjoyed seeing the interaction between family members who usually come at different times throughout the week. -Lyndon

This was my first Small Talk, and I really enjoyed seeing the students come and participate in the games and activities. My favorite part of this Small Talk was playing Spot It with some of my students. -Lizzie

It was an evening filled with good food, good friends, and good fun – especially the pumpkin bowling turned pumpkin smashing. -Curt

Hillcrest Visit

Recently we were honored to host a group of young people from Hillcrest Home. Hillcrest organized this trip as part of a thank-you to their volunteers for a term of service. We were able to give them a glimpse into some of our daily activities and show them a few of our favorite places. They, in turn, supported us in our various endeavors. They threw their energy into work projects, teaching, and cooking. We really enjoyed having them here. To learn more about the home, visit their website hillcresthome.org.

Funding Needs

We notice God’s presence in our lives most keenly when we’re also paying attention to exactly what we need from Him. God has been faithful to provide throughout all history, yet today we “notice” His provision in some particular ways. Thank you for your support this year. Your giving gives us confidence to proclaim Jehovah Jireh (“God will provide”).

We want to highlight the incredible increase of supply and need for Bibles across Poland. Partnering with EEM (Eastern European Missions), we’ve nearly doubled the number of Bibles shipped from last year’s total. We’re also committing to shoulder more of the costs associated with Seed Of Truth in order to help CAM allocate their funds elsewhere. You can earmark your gifts for “SOT” or “Literature Distribution” to help with these projects. Simply put, we need more partners in this great work!

Give to AIM

Donors may indicate preferences for where their gifts are used (such as staff support, Gateway to English, or Seed of Truth) and AIM will honor preferences where possible. AIM reserves the right to assign all contributions where needed. If you would like additional information about how funds are used or if you wish to pledge ongoing support, please contact Shannon Lehman at homeoffice@aimpoland.org or 717-816-4587.

To make a donation using credit or debit card, please visit our donate page.

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