October Partners Update

Hadassah and friends in concert

School Update

Matt Gingerich writes,

From my office at Gateway to English I can hear a children’s class calling out the names of fruits in English. It’s afternoon, and the bulk of the day’s lessons are just getting underway. Each of our teachers has had at least two individual lessons so far today and will teach at least two more lessons before the day is over. Most of our students come after school or work to learn English, making afternoon and evening our busiest time of teaching.

GTE has a full attendance this year; around 180 students are enrolled in groups or individual lessons, with a waiting list of others who would like English lessons. We have more six-to-seven-year-old children in classes this year than ever before, likely a sign that parents are wanting their children to learn English at earlier and earlier ages. From ages six to sixty—artists, mechanics, salespeople, students, surveyors, professors, and more—our students make our lives colorful and interesting.

Our teaching staff is the same as last year, adding stability to our school year. I enjoy working with our talented and creative teachers. They are committed to teaching well, developing engaging lessons plans and continually working to challenge their students. Teaching and working constantly with people is tiring work, but these teachers remain invested in sharing the love of Jesus with everyone around them. Many of our students have commented over the years on how Gateway to English has a peaceful and friendly atmosphere where they can feel at home. Praise the Lord, and thank you to our teachers!

Hadassah’s concert with Sarah and Natalia

Hadassah’s Concert

Kristin Herrin writes,

September was a rich month in Poland. It marked the beginning of school and the beginning of fall. It was also the month that hosted a beautiful gathering of friends at the Hershbergers’ home, where we enjoyed an outdoor concert by Hadassah, Sarah, and Natalia. Sarah and Natalia are two of Hadassah’s lovely Polish friends, and the trio have been making music together for over a year now. They love to use their gifts to worship God and to point others to Him. People came together from various parts of Poland and we all enjoyed a time of fellowship after the concert. Many beautiful songs were shared, both by the trio and also by Lavern’s family. Some songs sung by the trio were original, and I was impressed by the genuineness of the lyrics, the faith expressed both in the words and the lives of those who sung them. I am so thankful I could take part in the evening, and am excited when I consider how God will continue to use these ladies’ gifts for His glory.

Lavern, Peter, and Jola’s trip to Romania

2019 Translators’ Conference in Suceava, Romania

Lavern Hershberger writes,

I had the privilege of attending the 2019 Translators’ Conference held in Suceava Romania on September 26 and 27. It was the second biennial conference organized by Christian Aid Ministries in Suceava. About 100 people from 14 different countries attended. They were from a variety of churches and missions, but all involved in translating and publishing.

I was very encouraged to see the enthusiasm for translating and publishing Bibles and quality literature in many languages. A special element of this conference was the report from Duane Nisly from Costa Rica about the translation of Christian Light school curriculum into Spanish. This is a difficult and time-consuming project, but many of the conference attendees were interested in this.

I’m inspired to move ahead with publishing more books in Polish. May God’s kingdom continue to grow all over the world.

Matt and Sharon’s Wedding

Sharon (Spicher) and Matt King

Matt Gingerich writes,

Sharon Spicher and Matt King, both former volunteer teachers, got married in Belleville, PA, on October 12. Thanks to financial contributions from friends in the US, Lyndon, Hadassah, and I were able to attend the wedding. Matt and Sharon poured themselves into life and relationships in Poland while they were here, so it was special to represent their Polish friends at their wedding.

Autumn-Themed Small Talk

Alyssa Zimmerman writes,

Gateway to English hosted its first Small Talk event for the school year on October 18. Many of our students and their families came to enjoy the interaction, food, and games. Some of the highlights from the fall-themed evening included pumpkin bowling, caramel-dipped apples, and pumpkin spice lattes.

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