November Update

November Happenings

  • The four teachers – Ria, Jewel, Regina and Anita, spent the first weekend of November in a small town two hours away. They came back feeling refreshed and relaxed.
  • School is going well, both with groups and private students. There are the normal children and teen attitude issues, but everyone – students and teachers – are learning how to communicate effectively. Academic English is not the students’ greatest need and teachers are constantly needing to remember that communication is more than vocabulary and grammar.
  • The school hosted a Thanksgiving evening for students and their families. Europeans are usually curious about the food and activities connected to this day that Americans value so much. We sang some songs for them, played games together, and served pumpkin pie, apple pie, cranberry salad, and warm spiced cider. It was a fun, sociable evening!

Personnel Update

  • The board is grateful to announce that Jonathan and Heather Miller have agreed to serve in Poland. Jonathan and Heather are members at the Lighthouse congregation in Abbeville, South Carolina. They have three children, Damaris, Johann, and Patrick. Our plans are tentatively for them to move to Poland in early spring 2014. We thank God for providing this answer to our prayers!
  • One young man has committed himself to teaching English in Poland and is willing go in February. However, we need a second volunteer in order for the logistics to work. If you are interested or have someone to suggest, please communicate with Matthew Mast at or 814-789-4394.

Financial & Personnel Needs

  • The Lord has provided our current needs. On average over the past five months expenses have exceeded income by $1,000 per month. Funds previously held in reserve have all been used. We are trusting the Lord to provide the needed funds for general operations.
  • One of the major elements of preparation and planning for a second family is the need for additional financial support. For the past number of months the mission has squeaked by. The board desires to move forward in faith, but at the same time we feel the importance of counting the cost. We are seeking additional partners who will commit to regular, monthly financial support. Pledges of support will enable the board to plan more effectively. The average monthly cost for a second family is at least $2,500.

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