March Update

March Happenings

English Night has a new brand name: “Small Talk.” We kicked it off this year on March 10th. Former students and teachers were welcome to come back to enjoy the group games and celebrate a surprise 60th birthday party for Ela Sokolowska. She works four afternoon/evenings a week in the GTE office and has been doing so for more than six years now.

Sisters try to get untangled at the Small Talk English night Lyndon and Mikolaj work at getting untangled Surprise birthday celebration for Ela Sokolowska

Our long-time Polish teacher, Magda, returned to her job after her maternity leave. Marzena’s sister in-law Basia, was recommended to us and she has stepped in and is doing a super job. She is very patient with us and gives us confidence even as we make mistakes.

Magda returns to teaching us Polish

Lavern and Lolita traveled to the States to attend the REACH seminar in Lancaster, PA. They managed a display table for AIM and gave a short presentation on the work here in Poland. They commented that the workshops were great and that the personal interactions were the biggest encouragement.

Two GTE students, Bartek and Nikodem, enjoyed showing Shannon’s family their two parrots. These boys attend GTE along with their younger brother and Lavern teaches their parents. They are a hardworking family. They sell and service lawn equipment and raise exotic fish and birds as a hobby.

Lehman children meeting two parrots with Bartek and Nikodem

Jerry and Linda Fox stopped in and visited our school/mission during their trip through Central Europe. We hadn’t met before, but it was great to make new friends from the Hampden congregation in Baltimore.

After being here for two months, Ruthie Spicher left for dental work. While she didn’t have an official job with the mission we really appreciate how she embraced the Polish culture. Her presence and help gave us all a good boost.

There are many good games for an English school but there are only a few GREAT ones. “Spot it” is a great game that kids love playing. Currently, we have the “Basic English edition” and “Peg it Edition.” We would love to add these editions… “Numbers and “Shapes”, “Sports,” “Holidays,” “America” and “Camping.” These are not available in Poland and they come in a small tin can which would take very little luggage space. You can message us if you would like to donate some of these.

Facebook: gatewaytoenglish

Financial and Personnel Needs

  • We are looking for a pastor to fill in at Agape Mennonite Fellowship for at least part of the time that the Lavern Hershberger family will be on home assignment in the United States. For details, contact Matthew Mast at
  • We are looking for a field director to replace Shannon Lehman after his two-year term. For more information, contact Matthew Mast at
  • The average monthly cost of all AIM activity (GTE, Seed of Truth, etc.) is nearly $14,000. The English school generates an average of $3,750 per month, leaving around $10,000 per month needed in donations.

To make a donation using PayPal, please visit our contact page.

Our prayer and praise requests are updated at

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