July Happenings

  • We are thanking God that there is a Christian family interested in buying John’s house. Jan and Asia Apanasewicz have nine children and have been living in a small apartment for years. They are sincere Christians and are planning to attend Agape Mennonite Fellowship. We are looking forward to their contribution here. They are hoping to move before school starts on September 1.
  • A number of staff have terminated their service in Poland in July. Gideon and Esther Yutzy, with daughter Olivia, and Nate and Maria Waldron returned to the states while Carolyn Kauffman returned to her home in Australia. We miss them all, greatly appreciate their faithful and dedicated service for God in Poland, and wish them well as they continue to serve.
  • Lavern and Lolita’s family are the only U.S. staff in Poland for the summer. It has been difficult adjusting to being here without the rest of the staff. We have had some good connection with church people, friends and neighbors.
  • Lavern’s family traveled five hours west to a place near Gorzow Wlkp, near the German border, to visit a small conservative church. Some of the families had been at the conference in May, and had invited us to visit them. We really appreciated their commitment to living and worshiping simply and biblically. A number of these families are involved in foster care.
  • Piotr Lawrynowicz traveled to the U.S. to join his wife, Jola, and children Zuzia, Zosia, and David, in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. The Dan Wadel family is hosting them until they return to Poland in a few weeks.

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