January-February Partners Update

Winter youth meeting

Recent News Update

Growing tension to the east of us finally erupted in war on February 24th when Russian forces invaded Ukraine. Although the nearest conflict to us in Mińsk Mazowiecki is over 200 miles away, this has had an impact on us and on the people of Poland. There is a palpable level of distress at the violence, along with a strong show of solidarity for the people of Ukraine. The Polish government has opened the borders to Ukrainians fleeing violence. At this time, we are able to continue freely in our daily lives and ministry, and we have no reason to believe that the violence in Ukraine will extend to Poland.

Recently Matt & Deborah opened up their home to host two ladies—an American missionary and a Ukrainian—who are teaching English in Ukraine. They were in our community for a week and a half before moving on to friends in other parts of Europe. Will there be more people from Ukraine coming our way? Hospitality creates disruptions, so we feel a need for God’s grace to keep our hearts and homes open.

The latest reports show that over 100,000 Ukrainians have already sought refuge in Poland and more are still on the way. AIM is trying to partner with other churches and organizations in Poland to host refugees. There will be many needs for housing and food in the days (and likely weeks) to come. If you would like to contribute financially to support refugee aid, you can contact Matt Gingerich to find out about options at administrator@aimpoland.org. We will keep sending updates as the situation progresses. Thank you in advance for your prayers!

Youth Meetings 2022

Zimowisko (winter youth meeting) 2022 was a huge blessing to me. We had 3.5 days together with a group of approx. 18-20 youth. Thursday evening got things started with a time of worship, a message shared by Lavern, and some integration activities for the youth. Friday-Sunday we had a guest speaker, Łukasz, from Warsaw. He shared on the topic of loving the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. We had lots of opportunities throughout the weekend for the youth to break into small groups and to search the Scriptures together on the topics we were studying; it blessed me to hear how many of the youth shared that this was a highlight for them. One of the most fun highlights for me was the photo/video challenge we did in small groups on Saturday. Each group had a list of photo/video titles- for example, “earthquake”- and they had to create something to represent each title. The results were hilarious and we all had a great time watching the creative things each group came up with. Overall, simply being together, enjoying one another’s presence and enjoying the presence of God was the biggest gift. -Kristin

Reach 2022

Come see us at REACH 2022 on March 24-25. Bring your friends to our table or point them to an AIM presentation on Friday at this big event. REACH brings together conservative Anabaptist ministries and kingdom workers from all walks of life. Join us for this two-day program that includes 97 breakout sessions to support and equip people in ministry and all those with a desire for service. Over 50 participating ministries share their vision in focus sessions and displays. General sessions tie the event together with sermons, singing, and prayer. All are welcome!

  • Location: Calvary Church, 1051 Landis Road, Lancaster, PA 17601
  • Read more information and register: fbep.org/reach-2022

Personnel needs

We have an opening for one male and one female volunteer teacher to provide instruction in conversational English at Gateway to English, starting in August 2022. Teaching experience is preferred but not absolutely required. To volunteer or to recommend someone for this position,  please contact Matt Gingerich at personnel@aimpoland.org.

Give to AIM

Donors may indicate preferences for where their gifts are used (such as staff support, Gateway to English, or Seed of Truth) and AIM will honor preferences where possible. AIM reserves the right to assign all contributions where needed. If you would like additional information about how funds are used or if you wish to pledge ongoing support, please contact Shannon Lehman at homeoffice@aimpoland.org or 717-816-4587.

To make a donation using credit or debit card, please visit our donate page.

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