January Update

The happenings this month include the following:

  1. Some of the girls organized a New Year’s Eve party at the school for any friends who wanted to celebrate with games and fun. It was a great alternative to the wild drinking parties that the majority of Polish people have that night. Afterwards, everyone was blown away with the amazing fireworks that were all over the town.
  2. Anita and Regina spent 2 weeks in Ireland with their family, and came back on New Years Day.
  3. Lolita and Hadassah flew to Brisbane, Australia for 10 days, having been given plane tickets to attend Carolyn Kauffman’s wedding. It was a grueling journey that took 30 hours. On arrival, they reveled in the sunshine and high temperatures when they finally got there. They very much enjoyed their time in Aussie-land and its completely different animals, plants, and culture. Carolyn taught here last year, and some of us stayed up during the night to watch the wedding via live-streaming.
  4. Our adult class of high beginners has been learning about food and dialogues related to restaurants. Since they didn’t know what pancakes or apple pie are, we decided to give them a chance to demonstrate their English and experience some American food. Instead of having a formal lesson, we set up a cafe and they chose drinks, appetizers, pancakes, and apple pie from a menu. It was a great success and everyone—teachers and students—had a ton of fun!

As we continue to prepare for Jonathan & Heather Miller and their family to move to Poland, we are seeking for partners who will commit to regular, monthly financial support on their behalf. Pledges of support will enable the board to plan more effectively. The average monthly cost for a second family is at least $2,500. If the Lord leads you to partner with AIM in this way, please communicate your pledge to the board by email at homeoffice@aimpoland.org or phone at 814-789-4394.

On average over the past six months our expenses have exceeded income by $1,000 per month. This means that funds previously held in reserve have all been used. We are trusting the Lord to provide the needed funds for general operations.

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