April Update

Here’s what happened since our last update.

  • Ria’s grandmother died in PA, and a cousin paid for her ticket to fly back for the funeral. Ria was gone a week.
  • Jewel Yoder returned to her home in KS after a month of teaching experience, substituting for Anita who was teaching at Calvary Bible School.
  • The church had a special time on Easter, beginning worship out in the sunshine at Lavern’s house at 7:00. Various small groups and families shared songs and testimonies, then we enjoyed a late breakfast together. Easter breakfast with family is a strong Polish tradition, so it was special to have the church share this time together as an extended family.
  • April 24 was a day we were waiting for eagerly: the day Jonathan, Heather, Damaris, Johann, and Patrick Miller arrived to make this their new home! Laverns hosted a kielbasa roast on Sunday evening so that the church could gather to eat and welcome the Millers. We are grateful for their additions to our group, and are praying for their swift acclimatization and language learning.

We are still seeking additional financial support for Jonathan & Heather. To date, we have received pledges or donations for $21,800 of the $33,500 needed for the first year of Jonathan & Heather’s time in Poland. If the Lord leads you to partner with AIM in this way, please communicate your pledge by email at homeoffice@aimpoland.org or phone at 814-789-4394.

Our prayer and praise requests are updated at www.aimpoland.org/pray/.

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