discussion after family conference

Join us in prayer for the church and mission in Poland. We regularly update the prayer requests so you can partner with us in prayer.


  • Pray for the Board and Lavern as they meet during the first week of November to plan for the future.
  • Pray for Matt & Deborah as they continue to find their role in Poland.
  • Pray that the interactions the English teachers have with students will ultimately point to Jesus.

Answers to Prayer:

  • Lyndon Beiler’s willingness to extend his term in Poland for another year. He now plans to be here until 2019, Lord willing.
  • A refreshing two-week stay at sanatorium for Ela Sokołowska. Sanatorium is a popular destination for Poles to go for refreshment and relaxation. We were happy Ela could experience this, but we look forward to having her back in the office.
  • Over 120 students enrolled in Gateway To English, both in groups and in individual lessons.

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